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Welcome to the "Essen Geek" tool website. The origins of this too date back to the months before the "Internationale Spieltage Essen 2011" where I became overwhelmed with the list of announced games over at BoardGameGeek. Even though that list was but a fraction of the whole mass of games presented at "SPIEL" I found it difficult to keep track of what I was interested in and (even more so) what I had already evaluated and dismissed. So I began to write myself a small web script that fetched that list and allowed me to mark and comment each entry.

When SPIEL 2012 approached and BGG opened their new preview list I asked around if anyone else would be interested in such a tool. Several folks replied and I began to overhaul my scripts and extend them to allow multiple users to use it. I then converted all the existing functionality and have been adding new features ever since.

For now the available features are:

Change Log

  • Added language hint to edit games list. (The other pages will follow.) NOTE: It is possible that the list will display languages that are not actually available at the respective booths. The BGG API does not allow me to read the exact version/edition from the official list. Thus I have to search the database for all editions/versions from that publisher. This can lead to false positives due to earlier editions in more languages than the current one.
  • Fixed how expansion votes are counted on the stats page.
  • Fixed reset link urls
  • Added basic profile page to change password and connect email address (for future self service password reset).
  • Improved countdown and menu handling to simplify switching to the new year.
  • Added list of publishers without booths to the editable booth list.
  • Added support for multi-part booth maps.
  • Resized booth maps to better fit A-sized papers.
  • Added notice to editable booth list to remind users that this information is shared.
  • Added statistics of previous years.
  • Added number of active users per year to statistics.
  • Added publisher data to printable booth list. (Only the publishers of the games on your list.)
  • Added voting and administration to ticketing system.
  • Added backlinks to the geeklist items.
  • Login and register forms now autofocus on browsers that understand this HTML5 attribute.
  • Edit games page is now one big form. Click any "save" button to save all your changes. This update unfortunately also removes the ability to continue in a list where you saved from. Also if you do not select a priority or one of the skip or ignore toggle buttons then the game will remain "unrated".
  • If Javascript is enabled then any row you edit will be marked with a red dotted outline
  • Added yet another menu that should finally work on ISomething devices.
  • Added voting for features.
  • Added tag-stripping to ticket comments
  • Prepared menu items for 2013. Also created dedicated menu items for current year.
  • Added a countdown to SPIEL 2013.
  • Added new menu that should also work on ISomething devices.
  • Added a rudimentary bug report and feature request system.
  • Corrected broken characters like Umlauts and the Euro symbol in game notes.
  • Corrected the wrong game count in the quickmenu of the printable games list.
  • Added buttons to bulk edit games.
  • Finished inputting 2012 hall maps.
  • Added a Sitemap page that should allow all ISomething users to more easily navigate the site.
  • Separated basegames and expansions in "favorite games" statistics.
  • Displaying longer lists in the "favorite games" and "favorite expansions" statistics.
  • Prevented wide images in the printable games list from tearing the whole view apart.
  • Enabled hall map feature for everyone (Only works with year 2011 due to lack of current hall map images)
  • Prevented wide images in the editable games list from tearing the whole view apart.
  • Corrected a bug where a game would vanish from the list if it has been evaluated in a different year already.
  • Corrected a bug where a game from a different year would appear in the printable booth list.
  • Corrected a bug where the printable booth list would only show my evaluations.
  • Corrected encoding issues.
  • Editable document "Booth list" now sorted by Publisher name like BGG Preview and Spielbox list.
  • Added links to the BGG Preview and Spielbox lists.
  • Added print view with publisher and booth information.
    • Ignored games are not included. Skipped and unrated ones are.
    • Also included are all publishers connected with the game and their booth information. Note that the listed publishers might not necessarily be presenting that game at Essen. ATM I have the data about which company has published which games and at what booth a publisher will be located. The list displays an aggregation of that and nothing more. I'll try to correct that at some point.
  • Changed the edit view to make better use of screen widths.
  • Changed navigation to three levels
  • Added a printable "Booth list" that contains every booth where the user has games to check out.
  • Added various improvements for printing such as hiding unnecessary elements and making the documents to narrower so they better fit a paper page.
    • Priority and Preordered now share a column.
    • Publishers are only listed in the "Games list" when a booth number is known.
    • Publishers in the "Games list" now share the "Name & Stats" column.
    • "Games list" document has a reduced font size when printing.
  • Added barebones password reset mechanism.
  • Added publishers to imported data.
  • Added shared editable booth list.
  • Corrected encoding during import. Games with exotic names should now display correctly after the next import.
  • Added number of tracked games to statistics.
  • Added alternating row styles
  • Added more information for favorite games
    • Added points given by members
    • Added number of members who want to check out the game
    • Added a link to the current year's list
  • Jump from the list summary directly to the first item of that priority.
  • One person evaluating a game will no longer hide it from other's lists
  • Fixed broken links to BGG
  • Added more information to the list
    • # of players
    • playing time
    • recommended age
    • whether or not it is an expansion
  • Added a button to reset all skipped games.
  • Added two buttons to quickly ignore and skip a game.
  • Registration working
  • Login working
  • Editing lists working
  • Security upgrades
  • A few first statistics

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